Remembering January 13th

It seemed that this Saturday, January 13th, the Lithuanian anthem sounded more solemn, more noble. It was probably more heartfelt too. Teachers Sonata and Povilas encouraged us to view this not only as a mournful day, but also an opportunity to celebrate with joy and a smile. This day was also victorious. After honoring the events that happened 26 years ago near the television tour in Vilnius and remembering those, who died fighting for our country, we celebrate the freedom and honor in saying Lithuania's name.

During the classes we read, drew and sang about the love and respect we had for the history of Lithuania. Children, even the youngest ones, had serious questions that we tried to answer together: how scary it is to hold hands with like-minded people, facing armies against you? Maybe when you are fighting for your country, your language, your family and friends, home and history the fear disappears? We all added flower buttons to our clothes to commemorate our country's freedom. 

Lithuanian School