"Let's grow a tree of words"

Today we started our project for the centennial celebration of the recreation of Lithuanian Independence. 

We will be learning a 100 of the most beautiful words that describe our homeland. Each Saturday, the students will find a new words, talk about it with their teacher, write sentences using it. We found our first word today - homeland. The 3rd graders talked about how they understand the word and what it means. They also reviewed the names of Lithuanian cities, shared where their parents and grandparents are from. They also played a board game "Trip around Lithuania".

The little ones "Pelėdžiukai" were learning the letter "B" and the number 2.
The kindergarten students talked about forest and how it changes during seasons.
The oldest ones reviewed grammar.

We also had a meeting with parents today and talked about the future plans for the school and the news.

Lithuanian School