Last Saturday in November

Our tree of words is growing. Some words are familiar, some are new. The students were learning about the meaning of the tree and wrote out sentences with the new words.

Pelėdžiukai and kindergartners were working in a Christmas decoration workshop. First graders talked about their school, discussed what they were learning, reading, writing, dancing. 3a class wrote a dictation "Apple" and after discussed their mistakes and the differences for uses of  "o" and "uo". The most fun though was solving riddles about fall, fruits and vegetables. 3b class talked about time, hours, minutes and seconds. 5th and 6th graders talked about the project we finished last week "Baltos lankos, juodos avys, kas išmano, tas jas gano", celebrated the winners of the illustration contest. The girls were reading V. Krevė-Misckevičius tales and dug into his vocabulary, talked about the words we don't use anymore. During the grammar class they analyzed the different parts of words. 

Lithuanian School