Lithuanian School 1 November 2015 Our school students and teachers received warm greetings from their friends, the actors of the Kaunas State Puppet Theatre, who performed “Pliauskiukas Ivasiukas.” The play, which is based upon a Ukrainian folk tale about a wooden boy who comes to life, was produced in cooperation with the Charkov V.A. Afanasjev State Academic Puppet Theatre (Ukraine), Oksana Dmitrijeva (Ukraine) is the production’s stage manager and the set was designed by Natalya Denisova (Ukraine). The cast consisted of Saulius Bagaliūnas, Remigijus Endriukaitis, Audrone Grėbliauskienė, and Indre Taločkaitė. Lithuanian folk songs were played during the performance and in addition the Ukrainian folklore group “Dakha Brakha” performed parts of their own compositions. We sincerely thank the theatre production company for their nice words of greeting and wish all of them success in the new theatre season.


Lithuanian School