First Day of School

We started the third year in this school. We gathered happy, well rested and full of great memories from summer camps and trips to Lithuania. During the classes we worked on many crafts using yellow, green and red paper, talked about the colors of the Lithuanian flag and prepared for the concert.

In the beginning of our celebration, we brought in and honored the Lithuanian flag and sang the anthem. The students had wonderful performances playing the bells, singing and reading poems. We talked about the upcoming centennial celebration of the Recreation of the Lithuanian Independence. We also discussed the importance of the meaning of words create, celebrate and discover. We wished our community to be the heroes of our country, active members of the community, always proud of Lithuania.

We want to thank the Secretary of the Lithuanian Embassy, Tadas Kubilius and LB Chairman Skaistė Rojutė for beautiful first day of school words.

Our board member Dr. Jūratė Valuckienė in our blog wondered what three years mean for a school. It means a lot, as she writes:

"Three year for the school means that the community can thoughtfully evaluate the experiences, the completed work and create new inspiring goals to continue creating an educational space welcoming to everyone..."

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Remembering our school's vision, we invite everyone to continue to raise our children as active community members, work towards the celebration of the Recreation of Lithuania's Independence, celebrate our work and our country - LITHUANIA!

Lithuanian School