Easter is coming!

We were all in the Easter mood this Saturday. All students were coloring eggs using wax. We want to thank our moms Irena Sujetienė and Vilma Valienė for helping us keep this traditions alive!

It was great see parents joining their children to color the eggs with their kids. All of the Easter eggs were beautiful!

We also worked really hard during the classes. Pelėdžiukai completed their journey through the alphabet, learning the last letters Zz and Žž. They also learned new words: zebra, bunny, grasshopper, goose. They also colored big Easter eggs, decorated colorful owls with bunnies and Easter eggs.

Kindergartners made Easter bunnies, studied and even tried to carry an egg across the classroom on a spoon.

First graders talked about spring: the returning birds, blooming trees, birch sap. They also learned how to use "ui" and "uo" in words like bread, berry, water, bunny, soap.

One of the third grade classes talked about Easter, how eggs are traditionally colored in Lithuania and how families were preparing for Easter. They read stories about Easter and the games, learned a lot of new words. They also made Easter cards, wrote happy wishes and gave them to their teacher. The other third grade classes talked about the story about Easter Grandma. They also talked about what people do in different seasons.

The older students were studying a poem by Ilona Ežerinytė and prepared to speak with the author. They wrote down their questions that they will have a chance to ask the author through a Skype call. They also decorated some beautiful eggs. 

We are all waiting for Easter, for the awakening of nature, the fun of spring. 

Lithuanian School