The morning of December 19 was one of great excitement for the children and their parents and guest who have been waiting for the school’s first Christmas concert.  And the concert was well worth the wait, because the students had worked diligently each Saturday with music teacher Viktorija Zaborienė, who taught them many carols, and wove into the program poems expressing heartfelt seasonal wishes, all combining into a festive Christmas concert.

The celebration began with music by Handel performed by the ringing of handbells.  Teacher Marija spoke for everyone in expressing how each of us has specific memories of Christmas, such as the ringing of handbells, the sound of a sleigh going through snow, the images of family members who are no longer with us, as well as joys and hope for the future. During the program, the students expressed their desires and their dreams, stringing beautiful Lithuanian words together to extend their holiday wishes to their parents and grandparents. In addition to the traditional Christmas songs, there were also performances of Lithuanian folk songs and children's songs.


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