Busy Day

Peledziukai (4 year olds) were learning the letter C c and talked about bugs.

The kindergarten group was learning three new letters: E e, Ę  ę, Ė ė. They reviewed numbers one to four and learned number five. They talked about clothes and ones they wear during different seasons. They also learned about Lithuanian national costume, chose their favorite piece and dressed up their dolls. They also learned important verbs to describe the process of dressing up.

The older students discussed the books they are currently reading, analyzed a novel by Bitė Vilimaitė and wondered whether lies can be justified.

How do we raise children? How to we act when they lie? Can we tell children small lies or made-up stories? Are those lies or just ways of raising children?

4th, 5th and 7th classes completed exercises on epratybos. Second B group learned to pronounce words, learned shapes, colors and danced.

Lithuanian School